by Jeff Sanders

Research companies estimate that the average person is exposed to over 5,000 advertising messages per day. 5,000!! With that many messages trying to grab the consumers attention, ask yourself...which messages do you remember, and why?

Chances are you remember the ads that had an emotional connection. It may have made you happy, sad, angry, laugh, cry, or even triggered a memory. Either way, the common denominator is emotion.

Studies show that people rely on emotions, rather than information, to make brand decisions - and that emotional response to an advertisement is more influential on a person's intent to buy or use the product than the content of an ad.

If you're a client, you've heard me use this advertising example before; when Apple bought Beats for 3 billion dollars they ran a huge advertising campaign. The ad didn't tout how great the sound quality is, or how comfortable they are to wear, instead, they focused on how using Beats makes you feel. They showed people wearing Beats singing and laughing, crying on a train, muting the stress of the outside world, walking through puddles in the rain, and dancing.

Programmers that write imaging that focuses more on thumping their chest (We play the best music, always first with new music, etc), is the same as if Beats had advertised their sound quality. Where's the emotional connection?

I have heard a lot of great imaging that ties in emotions, but the campaign we ran on KJFX in Fresno wins the award for the most creative with "How has listening to 95.7 The Fox affected your life?"

Here are a few examples:

Dear 95.7, The Fox...My wife and I make love once every two months. Last night, while we were hot and heavy, Queen's "We Are The Champions" was on, so I started moving my hips to the beat. My wife said it was my best performance yet! Thank you Fox, for saving my marriage! (station voice) How has 95.7 The Fox affected your life? Fresno's Classic Rock, 95.7, The Fox!

Dear 95.7, The Fox...The other day while driving down Shaw Avenue, my 68 Camaro ran out of gas. While waiting for the tow truck, I sat in my car listening to The Fox. When Zeppelin came on, it gave me the strength to push my car 3 ½ miles to the nearest gas station. I just wanted to say thank you Fox! (station voice) How has the 95.7, The Fox affected your life? Fresno's Classic Rock, 95.7, The Fox!

Dear 95.7, The Fox...My wife recently lost my job, then she left me and I contracted some terrible STD! I felt like I couldn't take it any more...until I turned on 95.7, The Fox and heard Aerosmith's Walk This Way! It completely changed my life! I have since re-married and have a six figure salary with my new job. The STD is still there, but I'll deal with that! Just wanted to say thank you Fox! (station voice) How has the 95.7, The Fox affected your life? Fresno's Classic Rock, 95.7, The Fox!

Remember, emotion is a critical ingredient for creating passion, and passion is a critical ingredient for any successful business, including radio.

Starbucks doesn't serve the best coffee...Beats doesn't have the best fidelity...Uber isn't the safest mode of transportation. Yet, all of these options are chosen over local alternatives. Why? Because they have successfully connected the emotions and built the experience of using them. Emotions/Experience = Brand Passion. Brand Passion = Ratings!

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