Current Trends

Most of these trends start on TikTok and spread to other social platforms.
Note: this list will be updated every Monday.

Things to keep in mind about TikTok

  • People can't repost a tiktok. It has to appear on the "For You Page," be direct messaged, or found through searching the audio for a non-follower to see the video
  • The closest thing to a repost on tiktok is duetting a video, in which the screen is split and the original video is on one side while a new video is recorded on the other
  • The audio is arguably the most important part of the tiktok. A majority of trends use the same audio, which also helps to have your video seen. You can click on an audio to see all of the videos that use that same audio.

November 1 is the universally-accepted 'appropriate' date to begin decorating and celebrating the holiday season, and this hashtag shows videos of users getting in the spirit

Spell out "bitches" vertically, each letter stands for something unexpected or funny.

Shows a video that freezes on the moment that the user knew they messed up / something bad was about to happen. The video zooms in for each frame or shows a progression of the 'fail'.

Shows your current state, then flashes back to your younger self being amazed by where you ended up

User jumps to the beat of the sound away from the camera with caption "me on my way to _____ after _______"

Trending dance; can be used to show off fun outfits

The original video went viral and turned into a meme. Now, the audio is unexpectedly used in other tik toks and the joke is that you "can't escape" the sound or this idea

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Still Relevant:

This audio is used to show two opposite things and what happens when they come together.

The user and friends confidently lip sync different parts of the song while flaunting trendy outfits. A group of moms went viral while using this audio (check it out here) and have turned into a TikTok sensation!

Trending Concepts

Yellow represents the most important person in your life. The videos use this remix of Coldplay's "Yellow" as audio.

Shows the user walking away carelessly after doing something blatantly bad or wrong. Uses this audio.

Takes normal situations and translates them into what it would be like in a 2000's movie. Uses this audio.

User shows an actual problem and a painfully obvious solution. Uses this audio.

Pokes fun at how everyone thinks they're the main character in life, or how other people "just wouldn't get it." The videos often shows how they've changed and everything else is still the same. Uses this sound.