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Does Your Morning Show Have Character?

From Golden Girls to Seinfeld to Friends...every successful show has well-defined characters. For example, when Seinfeld created Frank Costanza, George's Father, here is how they defined his character:

"George's Italian Catholic father. Utterly deranged and very quick to anger. Former cook in the Army and detests removing his shoes in other people's homes. Because of his work as a businessman traveling to Korea, he speaks Korean. He invented the holiday Festivus, as a reaction to cultural commercialism of Christmas, and of which George has few fond memories. He has a phobia of spending silver dollars and suffers strongly from musophobia, however he have a genuine compassion for squirrels."

Using the above example, each member of your morning show should create their own paragraph that digs deep into their character, defining exactly who they are and what the listeners should expect of him or her. Then, exploit these traits on the air!! A well-defined character helps the listener to connect with the personality, drives passion and is key to a successful show.

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