Escapism - What is it, and why does it matter?

It’s easy to be distracted by today’s news; People throughout the entire world are being consumed with a COVID-19 overdose. Some experts say this unprecedented situation could last for many more months, if not years. With no real end in sight, the show must go on, and radio’s responsibility to inform and entertain continues.

According to recent studies by Nielsen and NuVoodoo, Radio listening is up! More people are tuning in to local radio than ever before as a reliable source for information on how this pandemic has impacted their community…and for escapism.

What is “escapism?” Halsey says “escapism is something artists write about pretty frequently – it’s something everyone can relate to, the concept of wanting something more, wanting to find solace, wanting to have something better.” Jimmy Buffet sells escapism to a tropical destination in almost every song.

Starting to understand “escapism?”

Remember the old commercial, “Calgon, take me away?” Replace “Calgon” with “Radio,” and start taking your listeners away!

Are you doing your job as an entertainment outlet to provide your listeners with a stress-free zone? A stress-free zone where the term Corona was simply a beer that provided its own form of escapism by allowing us to “find our beach.”

By building on the listener’s emotions through music, imaging, and personalities, radio can make anyone forget about the world around them, and help them to escape!

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