Crash - PD WZNF / Biloxi

How are your jocks promoting the morning show?

The Morning show has long been the cornerstone of the radio station.  How your jocks help promote the morning show each day, can help take it to the next level. How much of your afternoon cume are you sharing with your morning show?  Not a lot?  Opportunity!  Have your jocks talk about what’s coming up on tomorrow morning’s show.  Is there a funny bit or staple planned?  An interesting guest or contest?  Talk about it, and drive the afternoon cume into the next days morning show.   Be creative in your teasing!  For example: “Check out war of the roses tomorrow on the Blah Blah Blah show!” and replacing it with more in depth information, like “Tomorrow on war of the roses on the Blah Blah Blah show, this may be the biggest meltdown we’ve ever had!  Check it out at 7:30am tomorrow morning!”  Appointment setting is a must!  On occasions,  there may be an opportunity for the Morning Show to return the favor. What's going on in afternoons today?  Have the morning show tease the feature, contest or event and send listening back to the station on their way home from work!

I'm Crash from WZNF in Biloxi and these are my Deep PD Thoughts!