Get creative in 2021!

Get creative in 2021!

By Jeff Sanders

Warning! This blog may upset you, but it will get you thinking as we head into a new year.

Have you ever heard of Moore's Law? In a simplified definition, Moore's Law is an observation that technology doubles every eighteen months. In other words, every eighteen months, computers are getting faster, smartphones are getting smarter, TV's are getting lighter, you get the idea. Basically, any electronic device can do twice as many new, innovative, and unexpected things than before.

If Moore's Law holds true in the future, we'll be doing more things with electronic devices than we ever thought possible. This means new opportunities, new competitors, old companies evolving or dying, new companies rising, etc. A changing media landscape.

So what are you going to do? We can either use our knowledge of Moore's Law to our advantage or get left behind like Kodak, Taxi's, Libraries, and newspapers did.

Terrestrial radio has the most competition that we've ever had. Yet, the same regurgitated ideas that were successful before XM, Pandora, Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, Amazon Music, or Soundcloud are still being programmed in a world of new competitors.

Are you still programming Two-fer Tuesdays, Block Party Weekends, or Commercial-Free Music Hours when most digital music platforms are already commercial free?

Where are radio's proactive thinkers? The innovators? The creative geniuses? The visionaries?

As James Spader said on The Blacklist, "Don't think like an FBI Agent, think like a criminal," or translated to our industry, don't think like a radio programmer, think like a listener.

Who is pumping new blood into an industry no longer competing against just another FM station, but a digital world that has changed how music is delivered and consumed?

It's time to replace Program Directors and Promotion Director titles with Head Of Growth, and Idea Incubators, using all resources to compete and continue making radio relevant, or as Moore's Law states, radio as we know it, will be left behind.

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